Chromebook Usage:

When a student gets a Chromebook to use they must:
  1. Inspect it for any damage prior to logging in
  2. Report any damage to the teacher prior to logging in
  3. If an issue is found:
    • The teacher should submit the following information in an email to
      1. Chrome Cart #
      2. Chromebook #
      3. Description of the problem
    • Chartered Tech will: 
      • Determine the last users that logged into the Chromebook and provide this information to the teacher and administration
      • Assess the damage and repair or replace the Chromebook depending on the severity of the damage

Teachers are responsible for making sure students are familiar with how to properly handle Chromebooks prior to using them. Please use the information below with your classes prior to usage.

Care and Handling

Extremely Important information to share with your students about the care and handling of the Chromebooks. 

Reminder - if a Chromebook is damaged, a support ticket should be opened.



Screen Care:

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. We recommend educating the students and teachers to:

● Try not to lean on top of the Chromebook with body weight

● Refrain from placing heavy textbooks or other items thrown into a backpack on top of the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen.

● Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, notebooks).


Cleaning a Chromebook:  Clean the screen with a soft, dry antistatic, or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid on the Chromebook. You can also use packaged pre-moistened eyeglass lens cleaning tissues to clean the screen.


General Precautions:

● No food or drink allowed near the Chromebooks

● Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the


● Never carry Chromebook while the screen is open.

● Never shove into a locker or wedge into a book bag as this could break the screen.