Lab Reservations

Instructions for reserving tech at NVCS 

If you are in need of an ongoing reservation outside of your normal tech class times, please contact Sara Vanderheyden to get this scheduled.

Reservations are now handled entirely through Google Calendar. 

Before you can use this feature you must add the lab calendars to your Google Calendar:
  1. Go to the Shared Calendars page on the staff intranet
  2. Click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right of the Labs calendar
    1. This will take you to your Google Calendar
  3. Click to add all calendars
To reserve a lab:
  1. Look at the lab calendars by setting them to show in your Google Calendar to determine a time one is available 
  2. Create the event on YOUR calendar
  3. In the event editing screen, click 'Rooms, etc." next to where you would add guests
    1. This will show you available labs
  4. Click Add next to the lab you want to reserve
  5. Save the event